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Here at Etherzaar, we make make it simple for you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Below you will find a brief description of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

You need an Ethereum account to make use of our services. There are many available options, including a browser plugin, a text file or a hardware wallet.

1. Blockchains

A blockchain is a specialized network, which utilizes an open and decentralized database. It consists of three basic units: Accounts, Transactions, and Coins.


The Account

Accounts function in much the same way a traditional bank account do, allowing the owner to send and receive transactions. Each account has a unique address and a private key.


The Transaction

Transactions are digital messages, which transfer data between two accounts on the network. They contain the addresses of both the senders' and the receivers' accounts, along with additional data. 


The Coin

Coins are the fundamental unit of value used on a blockchain. Users provide processing power to run the network, through what is known as mining, and are awarded coins in exchange.

2. Cryptocurrency

A primary application of the blockchain is as currency. There exist two types of cryptocurrency: Coins and Tokens.



Coins are a digital store of value analogous to how USD or RMB are physical stores of value. Coins have an intrinsic economic value as they are a representation of resources spent (electricity, computing power, etc.) in order to run the blockchain's network. Examples include Ethereum and Bitcoin.



Tokens function as currency in the sense that they are transferable between different accounts. They do not have an intrinsic economic value in the way that coins do, as the creation of tokens is not done by the blockchain itself, but rather through specialized transactions. Examples include OMG, BAT, and AMB.

Coins vs. Tokens

Cryptocoins have their own blockchain: ETH, BTC, LTC

Cryptotokens are on a coins blockchain:  OMG, BAT, AMB

3. Custom ERC20 Tokens

Etherzaar is the first and only platform to offer an automated token creation service. The tokens include all the required functionality of the ERC20 token standard, which ensures compatibility with the rest of the Ethereum network. Simply decide on your token specifications, and submit an order. Your token will be launched onto the blockchain in just a few minutes.


Customize Your Token

Choose a name, symbol, desired amount and number of decimals.


We Take Care Of The Code

Etherzaar ensures that your token is compliant with the ERC20 token standard. 


Your Token Is Published!

Making your token an official token on the Ethereum network.

Buy Ethereum

If you want to purchase Ethereum you can easily do so via these exchanges:

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